Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I currently live in Atlanta, GA, but spent my formative years in New Zealand. I jumped on a plane and arrived in the U.S. a day after completing my final undergraduate exam, having met my American husband-to-be online a few years earlier (right around the time Al Gore invented the internet!).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Professionally, I have spent several years in the market intelligence field, and recently founded my own company, Paua Consulting, LLC.

My first experience with virtual reality was in the 90’s, in a mall in New Zealand. A travelling exhibit allowed participants to strap on an enormous headset and shoot at poorly rendered figures. Although it was far from realistic, the experience was enormously engaging.

Fast forward around 20 years, and I finally connected with VR again. The weapons of choice were a gifted headset from Sharper Image with a Samsung Galaxy phone inserted. With extremely low expectations but very curious, my first experience in this new age of VR was a U2 music video created by Chris Milk and his VR company Vrse. It was unlike any other experience I had ever had, and woke a passion for discovering more about these new, emerging realities.

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